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Adopted a Beautiful Baby Boy

We have adopted a new baby boy.  We were approached by a lovely birth mom back in July.  She is an amazing woman with an enormous amount of strength.  She said she liked the fact that we came from large families and that the baby would be surrounded by loved ones.  She told us the baby was due at the end of August/early September.   

We had to travel 1050 miles to meet him.  Birth mom called on Friday, September 5th to say she thought he would be born soon.  That evening she called and told us to get on the road.  We threw everything in the SUV and started our journey.  We had a mix of emotions from excitement, nervousness, anticipation to sheer panic.  We wanted to be here for his birth but we told birth mom not to wait on us.  After driving all night, we finally made it to baby's home state at 7:30 PM.  He had a rough start and was in the NICU.  We were not able to even see him until 10:00 PM.  We went straight in to meet and check on birth mom.  She had been very ill throughout the entire pregnancy but kept telling me she has very strong, healthy babies and knew this one would be too.  After talking every day for two months, it was like seeing an old friend.  My heart just poured over with emotion for her.  She was so worn out from her illness but I could tell she was beautiful.  She has long brown hair and big gray eyes.  She was our angel.  She told us we would not be able to see the baby just yet because there was a nurse shift change.  We decided to grab something to eat and come back to meet him.

Once we returned, birth mom took us to the NICU to introduce us herself.  It was such an emotional time, Mike and I both cried when we saw him.  He was so tiny and strapped to tubes and wires.  He looked so helpless.  The NICU nurses assured us that he was doing very, very well and not to be concerned about the wires.  He would only have them for a little while.  He was out of the NICU by Tuesday.  We were able to stay at the hospital the entire time he was there.  We were very fortunate. 

We are still in baby's home state until all of the paperwork goes back and forth between here and Texas.  We are really enjoying the time together getting to know the baby and discovering each other as parents.


Jonathan Michael

Born:  Saturday, September 6, 2008
Time:  3:57 AM EST/ 2:57 AM CST
Weight:  5lbs 7 oz
Length:  18"

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